East London's most flexible sound insulated/ soundproof TV and Green Screen Studios

Our unique studios are filled with charm and character and offer two video filming studios and one daylight gallery which can be used for socially distancing waiting contributors or as a gallery for live streaming/remote viewing. We are located within an old forge building, in a beautiful, quiet leafy area of Hackney Wick, on the side of the canal, just down from Old Ford Lock, near the London Stadium & Westfield, Stratford.

Both studios 1 and 2 are much loved and recommended by Sound Recordists for their quietness and sound quality. We like to say they are 'heavily sound-insulated', rather than soundproof, but come and hear for yourselves in a recce!

They're perfect for interviews, coloramas, green screen visual effects, pieces to camera, round tables, filmed podcasts, 'How to' videos and multi-contributor shooting days.

A quick tour of the studio!

Unique in our offering is our various studio setup configurations and options. You can hire one or both studios, one studio plus the 1st floor gallery studio for extra production space or add an additional dressing room. Also we believe in transparent and inclusive pricing, with no nasty extra costs that you haven't been told about!

Exposed Brick Studio in London with great sound quality

Studio 1 Red Brick - 792 sq.ft./73 sq.m.

Studio 1 has 3-sided red brick walls for an industrial urban look and optional faux-metal floor.

White brick soundproof TV studio

Studio 1 White Brick - 792 sq.ft./73 sq.m.

Studio 1 can be configured as a 2-sided white brick studio for a 'lifestyle' look for interviews or pieces to camera.

Dry hire soundproof TV studio

Studio 1 Dry Hire - 792 sq.ft./73 sq.m.

Studio 1 can booked as a dry hire either for you to build your own set or to use with colorama backgrounds.

Green Screen Studio in East London for hire

Studio 2 Green Screen - 988 sq.ft./91sq.m.

Studio 2 has both a green screen pre-lit infinity curve and a white screen/curve with matching floor.

Black Drapes total blackout TV Studio with great sound quality

Studio 1 Black drapes - 792 sq.ft./73 sq.m.

Go for total blackout in Studio 1 with black drapes on 3 walls plus an optional black floor, great for sound quality!

Dry hire TV Studio with live streaming

Studio 1 Live Streaming - 792 sq.ft./73 sq.m.

Host virtual events with remote contributors from our fully cabled studios with production gallery on the 1st floor.

Latest news and shoots at the studio

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