Natural daylight photography studio

Photography Studio

Adjoining our chill-out area on the first floor is a compact high-ceiling natural light photography studio, that can be used by crews booking one of the two main studios on a first come first served basis. Its ideal for press days and beauty/fashion shoots where you want to combine shooting video in our sound-insulated studios and then get high quality stills photography using natural light afterwards.


8.6m (28 ft) x 3.6m (12ft) with a ceiling height of 5m (16.5ft) rising to 10m (33 ft) underneath a glass roof.


The studio has a high ceiling with an abundance of natural daylight. Diffuser frames with C-stands are available for hire, to minimise any harsh sunlight.

Available Props

We have a range of small props, seating and small tables available within the studio that can be used within the hire cost.


The exposed brick wall also has a 3-Roll Background Support System with White, Black and Light Grey coloramas


Path of the sun in our Daylight Studio